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   Linear Positioning, Tube Connection Systems & Linear Motion Units
Linear Positioning Systems

Positioning Controls and Motors, Lifting Devices and Electric Cylinders. Ideal for Operating Tables, Dental Chairs, Hospital Beds and Leisure Furniture.

Make: Dewert (Phoenix Mecano).

Tube Connection Systems

Complete System comprising Brackets, Clamps, Couplings, Elbows, Joints, Angles, Feet etc., for connection of Standard Aluminium and Steel Tubes. No machining / welding required. Ideal for construction of Staircases, Frames, Test Benches.

Make: RK Rose + Krieger (Phoenix Mecano).

Make: G.S. Ace

Linear Motion Units

Linear Motion Units with Spindle Drive, Timing Belt Drive, Rack and Pinion Drive, Tubular Linear Motion Units, Rolling Guide Systems.

Make: RK Rose + Krieger (Phoenix Mecano).

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