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19'' Racks & Modular Enclosures

19" Racks, Sub-racks & Accessories, Card Frames, Computer Consoles, Control Desks, Custom-made Modular Enclosures, Instrument Cases, Trolleys, Sheet Metal Racks and Wall-mount Racks.

Make: Precision Racks.

Computer Console wall-mount
Electronic Enclosures
Bopla       Rose

Handheld Enclosures, Console Type Enclosures, Card Enclosure Systems, Panel Mounting Enclosures, Desktop Enclosures and Display Enclosures in Metal & Plastic materials. Machining & Customisation possible. A wide range of standard accessories help to adapt the enclosures to your application.

Make: Rose / Bopla (Phoenix Mecano).
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Industrial Enclosures
Bopla       Rose

IP65 Grade Enclosures in Aluminium / Polyester / Polycarbonate / ABS. Operating & Display Enclosures with Machining / Customisation / Accessories as per requirement.

Make: Rose / Bopla (Phoenix Mecano).
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