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Electrical Slip Ring Assemblies
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Standard or Customised Electrical Slip Ring Assemblies for Power (up to 100s of Amps) or Data Signals (including Video, RS422, RS485, MIL-1553B, etc.). Various options including with/without Bore, Open/Sealed versions and in combination with Pneumatic/Hydraulic/ Hyper-frequency/Optical Rotary Joints possible.

Make: Cobham Sliprings / Label (France)







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Aerospace PCB & Panel Connectors

CMM Series High - density Micro connectors (2mm pitch) for Board-to-board, Board-to-wire & Wire-to-wire applications. Mixed - layout connectors with high-reliability LF, HF & Power contacts available. Excellent mechanical and environmental characteristics. Small footprint, unlimited connector styles, fully user - configurable with choice of fixtures. SMD versions also offered. Suitable for Infrared, Wave or Vapour-Phase Soldering. Ideal for high-end applications including Medical / Aerospace. RoHS compliant.

DMM series Mico-D mix connectors for Board-to-board, Board-to-wire, Wire-to-wire & Panel mount (1 to 4 rows of contacts) applications. Low profile with 2mm pitch, Ruggedized with aluminium alloy 6061, Easy maintenance with dismountable contacts. Mixed layout connectors with LF, HF and HP contacts available. Withstand extreme conditions and comply with MIL-DTL-83513G (Micro-D standard).
Make: Nicomatic SA, France.
Military/Industrial Round Shell Connectors

MS Circular Connectors (as per JSS 50812 and MIL-C-5015) with Solder and Crimp-type Contacts, Russian Equivalent Circular Connectors (to JSS 50860), MG Series Bayonet Coupling Connectors (to JSS 50815) - LCSO approved.

Make: Allied.

Range Metric
Range MS
Range MG

D- 38999 Series III Aluminium Connectors in all Shell Sizes and Configurations. Assembled by Allied under V.A.D. Licence from Souriau. QPL Approved.

Make: Allied / Souriau.

Hermetically Sealed Connectors

Circular and rectangular connectors, high temperature high pressure bulkheads, multi-pin internnection headers and single feed thrus. Glass-to-metal and PEEK / Viton moulding technologies. Shells made with CRS, SS, Kovar, Titanium, Inconel, Monel etc. Pressures and temperatures up to 40,000 psi and up to +260°C. Fine leak rate up to 1 x 10ˆ-13 cc/s Helium at 1 atmosphere. Customised versions available.

Make: AMETEK Interconnect Technologies, USA

Terminal Strips & Connectors

Bakelite/Melamine/Engg. Plastic Barrier Terminal Blocks, Terminal Strips, Multiway Terminals, PCB Terminals, Clamp Connectors, Strip connectors, Clipon Connectors, Rigid Terminals, etc.- LCSO, CACT approved.

Make: Varuna Controls (V-Con).

Circular Connectors M8/M12/M23
Circular ConnectorsM8

3 pole to 12 pole Industrial Connectors in straight or 90° versions, field-attachable or pre-moulded with cables. Standard gold-plated contacts. Transparent versions with PNP/NPN LEDs available. T- or Y- splitters and standard or customised cable assemblies offered.

Make: High Tech Products (HTP)

Circular ConnectorsM12
Circular Connectors 7/8"
High Tech Products

3 pole to 6 pole Industrial Connectors in straight or 90° versions, field-attachable or with pre-moulded PVC/PUR Cables. T−splitters available.

Make: High Tech Products (HTP)

EN175301 - 803 (DIN 43650) Connectors
High Tech Products
DIN 43650 Connectors1

Square & Rectangular Connectors with 2 or 3 poles + 1 or 2 earths. LED, LED + Varistor & LED + Diode versions offered, either field-attachable or with pre-moulded cables. M12/DIN adapters available with/without LED indicators. Suitable bases offered separately. A wide variety of splitters & cable assemblies, either std. or customised can be manufacutred as required.

Make: High Tech Products (HTP)

DIN 43650 Connectors2






M8/M12 Distribution Boxes
High Tech Products
M8M12Distribution Boxes

Standard M8 boxes with up to 12 Nos. of 3 or 4 pole connectors and with terminal block connections or PUR/PVC cables or with M12 connectors. Standard M12 boxes with up to 8
Nos. of 4 or 5 pole connectors and terminal block connections, or PUR/PVC Cables.

Make: High Tech Products (HTP)

Conduit Fixing System
High Tech Products

Patented design for easy sealing of conduits with PG glands or directly to moulded cables, for HTP M12, 7/8" & EN175301 - 803 (DIN 43650) Connector ranges


Make: High Tech Products (HTP)

Micro-D Connectors

Rectangular wired & solderable connectors as per MIL-DTL-83513, with solder and crimp type contacts. 7 standard contact arrangements and 4 shell types. Combo connectors with any combination of micro, coax and power contacts in 2 row shells. Wide range of PCB connectors in both 90° and vertical in 7 styles & 4 pitch arrangements.

Make: Ulti-Mate Connector Inc

Nano Connectors

Single row/dual row, single ended / double ended, PCB right angle/vertical, SMT/Thru hole, in accordance with MIL-DTL-32139. Both D-type and circular versions available.

Make: Ulti-Mate Connector Inc

Lugs, Splices & Terminals

Insulated and Non-insulated Terminal Lugs (both fork-type and right-type), Ferrules, Splices, Wire joints and Disconnects in Electrolytic Copper, either Bare or Tin-plated from #26 to #1 AWG and 1/0 to 250 kcmil, stud hole diameters from #2 to #10 and 0.25" to 0.50". Nylon, Vinyl, Heat shrink, Kynar, etc Insulation materials.

Full range fo cutting, stripping and crimping tools in manual, hydraulic and pneumatic versions.

Make: Panduit

Cable Assemblies

Custom built cable assemblies using Allied connectors and standard cables for demanding applications.



Make: Allied.

Railway Special Connectors

Special Connectors for railway applications. Suitable for both electric & diesel locomotives. Applications include temperature and speed sensors, inter-coach communication systems, master controller, etc. A halogen free, flame retardant insulator is available for connectors used in electric locomotive applications - RDSO approved.

Make: Allied.

Ruggedised Ethernet Connectors

Specially designed for military or heavy industrial applications. Compatible with all standard network cables including CAT-6e. Fully shielded and sealed for field use.

Make: Allied.


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